What’s in a Brand Name?

Just how a name identifies a person, a brand name gives distinctiveness to a business’ product or service. A very important factor in your business since it captures the attention and interest of your clients.

Yes, an ad can last a minute, a business presentation can last some hours – through that span of time a customer can notice the brand name and have it activated in their memory in just a matter of seconds. Whenever we see and hear Nike, it’s not only the remarkable tick that comes into our mind. We do not think of food or drinks, right? What made us think of what this brand is all about are the emotions that we felt when we won that race wearing a pair of Nike’s, the comfort of their attire, the emotions we live and are reminded about when faced with life challenges while when we are watching their ads. The ads that tell us to get off our bums and “JUST DO IT”. Strengthening their message by providing us with images of role models to inspire us to do so. The fact is that their products are recognized because of effective branding.

The following are some of the characteristics a good brand name should have:

  • 1. Distinctiveness. Always choose a name that is enticing and of course, original.
  • 2. Brevity. Who wouldn’t want to memorize a long name? Just like Coca-cola can be simply called “Coke”, a long brand name must ideally have the ability to be shortened to a still interesting nickname.
  • 3. Appropriateness. Is your brand name suitable for the kind of product or service you have?
  • 4. Likeability. Do you think your brand name will interest people? Will they love it?
  • 5. Simplicity in terms of spelling and pronunciation. People would not remember your brand name if it’s hard to pronounce or read.
  • 6. Availability. Can it be trademarked? Your chosen brand name must be valuable for future use.

Developing an effective and successful brand name is not an easy task. It can’t be drawn from luck and then appearing from nowhere comes an idea and the following implementation. It requires an intelligent planning and strategic effort to achieve a memorable, emotional-appealing and remarkable brand name.

If you aren’t sure where to start with the building of your brand contact us at Brand Ark and find out how we can help.