What is a Brand?

So what is a brand?

Branding, contrary to many a small business owner belief is much more than a logo.

A logo is simply an element of what helps to identify a brand, it sits alongside a number of other elements such as colour (think Coca-Cola or Cadbury), shape, smell (think CHANNEL NO. 5), texture and even movement (think Lamborgini). Statements like “melt in your mouth, not in your hand” ( MM’S) also sit here, often telling promises, or sharing about what a brand can be.

All these elements support and in many cases begin to tell the tale of a personality and an image. In essence, the elements come together to help build a story. But be aware, it is not some random whimsical fairytale telling.

If you want to have or be the best brand you can be, you need to have some planning (what we call Brand Strategy) behind you. A good brand strategy is like a business plan, and in fact should work in conjunction with it, supporting your vision, your end game. Like your business plan, it is an ever-evolving document, growing with you and always striving for that next goal.

To begin with, a solid strategy will identify and determine your brand building blocks, will clearly identify your target audience, and its segments. It will review your competitive environment and help establish how you should be positioned to reach your goals.

It will identify the best brand elements to use to create appeal, and most importantly it will provide for your customers, items to create meaning to. If your customers don’t have something to attach a meaning to, how will they remember you?

Moreover, a strategy will lay the foundation of what you will need to do to build your brand’s equity (this means $$), how to manage AND to best of all how to measure it.

Not sure how a brand strategy could help you? Check out our Brand Report Card and find out!