Discovery Report

Discovery Report

Not sure how your current branding is tracking?

Or if your current marketing is effective?

Do you know if your branded marketing collateral is using the same voice?

A Brand Ark Discovery Report is the perfect start for you. Our discovery reports answer the above questions, assess the personality and perceptions of your existing brand in the marketplace when compared to your primary competitors.

Based upon both qualitative and quantitative research, and an audit of your competition, existing branding and marketing collateral, we will make recommendations on what brand elements can be improved upon to ensure that your company or product is communicating with consistency.

Why undertake a Discovery Report?

It’s a starting base for measuring where your brand is at. Ensure that you are making the most of marketing communications so that you can build trust and recognition with your audience, and add more value to your brand.

Our Reports also consider items such as:

  • Value proposition;
  • Competitive advantage;
  • Brand pillars and stories;
  • Perceived product quality;
  • Articulation and extension.

Who should undertake a Discovery Report?

The kind of businesses that undertake Brand Ark Discovery Reports are aware that they need to improve their branding but they just don’t know where to start. Often they are well-established businesses who are:

  • Celebrating a miles stone birthday and would like a freshen up;
  • Have acquired a new business and wish to see improvements in connecting to audiences;
  • Have amalgamated a number of businesses together and are not sure what the future holds;
  • Are looking to expand their business service offering;
  • Have changed or evolved in their industry and are seeking to get ahead (or not to be left behind); or
  • Looking for a brand checkup that is thorough and provides sound advice on where to go next.
Do note: we will need to take a brief from you prior to starting your Discovery Report. Please be patient while we set up our online ordering system aimed at streamlining our Discovery Report process.

Uncover your Brand's potential!

Create the optimal Brand experience!

Up-to-date industry review!

Communicate to your audience better!

Connect to customers!

Create Brand Loyalists!

Receive actionable recommendations!

Unsure about needing a Discovery Report?

Download our Brand Report Card, a quick questionnaire that will provide insight into where you need to look to improve your branding.

Brand Report Card

Why do I need to fill out the information requested?

It’s important to us that we always keep your information protected. Asking for your information in exchange for a FREE RESOURCE allows for us to improve your browsing experience through personalisation, send your information that we believe might be interesting to you by emails or other communications and communicate with you about marketing activities and ideas that may be of value to you. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

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Our Discovery Reports are a review (or audit) of existing communications use in the marketplace. Exploring competition, brand design, systems and standards (and more) we identify what is working or needed in creating the optimal brand experience.

Brand & Product Naming

Brand & Product Naming

Through understanding your audience and your business goals we'll create your business or product name based on eight set criteria, testing to ensure that your name hits the mark. Then we will take your brand further, setting the path for building more equity through protection of your brand.

Strategic Brand Consulting

Strategic Brand Consulting

Empowering business to build strong brands and achieve superior outcomes means ensuring companies have clarity, direction, mission/vision alignment, and that they are connecting with their audience. With strategic brand consulting, Brand Ark can help you to lay the foundations for a strong brand.

Graphic & Digital Design

Graphic & Digital Design

Brand Ark is able to design, develop and produce graphic design for any media type, including print and online promotional collateral. Often our design work goes hand-in-hand with brand development, however, we can work with your existing brand too.

Workshops & Keynote Speaking

Workshops & Keynote Speaking

Trish runs workshops around branding, your particular challenge and audience will depend on the brand topic presented. OR book Trish as your next Keynote Speaker! Putting it all on the line, she’ll share what it takes to run a business with a degenerative disease, trying to stay sane while doing-so.

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