20/20 by the end of 2020

BrandArk is on a mission!

Our mission over the next two years is to help 20 startups and 20 small businesses build successful brands. It will be a challenge as success is mainly in the eye of the beholder, but the point is, whatever that success may be, we want to help!

So, how did this mission come about?

When we were invited a few months ago to attend a strategy session (thanks Simon), we jumped at the chance.

Why? Because much like the mechanic that doesn’t work on their own car, we had become the branders and strategists that were barely working on our own strategy. How can we help people make their ideas tangible if we aren’t doing it for ourselves?

The day took us back to why we do what we do (building brands), and had us reflecting on what we love about doing what we do (connecting clients to their audience). Along the way, we had become too focused on what we were doing for our clients and not the “why”, and as Simon Senek says… it is all about the why.

The biggest challenge that we have with a majority of small business and startups is that brand building is often neglected as they are seen as simply a logo, a set of colours and fonts; and not the experience (or the touchy-feely stuff) of engaging with a business its products, people or services.

Our mission starts with the education of what a brand is, the elements that create the brand and why it is so important to work towards building a brand, and not just a business. It’s a mighty mission, but we believe we can help!

Why are brands so important?

Much of it has to do with the target audience:

  • What do you need to create the optimal brand experience?
  • How do you connect with them?
  • When do they need your service/product?
  • How do they use your service/product?
  • Are they buying for themselves or someone else?
  • What sort of experience are you giving them?
  • How do we as a business encourage them to come back again?
  • How do we get the audience to remember and recall us?
  • Are we connecting with them on the right level?

And then on the flip side, there is the stuff about competition.

  • What room do we take up in the consumer mind, compared to others in the market?
  • How do they perceive us?
  • Are we priced properly?
  • How are we better?
  • Where exactly do we add value to our customer’s lives?
  • Do we know our market?
  • How are we tracking our competitors? …

Honestly, I could keep going! I haven’t even touched the surface!

At its core, we want to help small businesses and startups have a plan to prevent failure and for them to be successful.

The statistics are damning. With 2.6m companies registered in Australia alone, so far this year and with a reported 12.7% of businesses failing in the last financial year. We could guess that approximately 330,000 of these businesses won’t see past their second or third year.

We aren’t ignorant. Part of the cause of business failure is poor planning (and cash flow, but that’s another topic. One that’s best handled by our friends at Burfield and Associates or P&Y Partners). But not planning your branding and marketing could very well contribute, and that’s where we can help!

So if you are planning to start a business or launch your startup in the 2019 year, book in with us and see if you fit our 20/20 by the end of 2020 mission!