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BrandArk is about building brands, not just businesses.

We have A side-by-side approach to branding, ensuring that your business brand is developed in a fashion that reaches and resonates with your audience; that your key message is on point and that your visuals are appealing.

Why? Because business’ are more valuable when developed as a brand.


17 years of design and advertising means our Director, has a lot of experience. She has worked with high-end brands, sports stars, and major retailers as well as start-ups and low budget businesses.


Yep! We do amazing projects! Not because we have a team of amazing professionals working on your project behind the scenes… but because we collaborate with amazing clients.


For us, gusto means we’re happy, excited and engaged in your project.

From start to finish there will always be a smile in our conversation, we like to have fun with our planning and designs. It’s all part of our commitment, to have fun, be honest, committed and driven to do our best for all stakeholders.

Our Services



Our Discovery Reports are a review (or audit) of existing communications use in the marketplace. Exploring competition, brand design, systems and standards (and more) we identify what is working or needed in creating the optimal brand experience.

Brand & Product Naming

Brand & Product Naming

Through understanding your audience and your business goals we'll create your business or product name based on eight set criteria, testing to ensure that your name hits the mark. Then we will take your brand further, setting the path for building more equity through protection of your brand.

Strategic Brand Consulting

Strategic Brand Consulting

Empowering business to build strong brands and achieve superior outcomes means ensuring companies have clarity, direction, mission/vision alignment, and that they are connecting with their audience. With strategic brand consulting, Brand Ark can help you to lay the foundations for a strong brand.

Graphic & Digital Design

Graphic & Digital Design

Brand Ark is able to design, develop and produce graphic design for any media type, including print and online promotional collateral. Often our design work goes hand-in-hand with brand development, however, we can work with your existing brand too.

Workshops & Keynote Speaking

Workshops & Keynote Speaking

Trish runs workshops around branding, your particular challenge and audience will depend on the brand topic presented. OR book Trish as your next Keynote Speaker! Putting it all on the line, she’ll share what it takes to run a business with a degenerative disease, trying to stay sane while doing-so.

Our Free Brand Resources!

Brand Report Card

Are you an exsiting business who is unsure of where to start in the review of your Branding? Our Brand Report Card is just the tool that you need!

Brand Checklist

Not sure on what you need to build a solid brand? Download our Brand Checklist and find out exactly what you need to build a brand that lasts and not just a business or a job!!


All our projects begin with developing an understanding of you, your business, competitors, marketplace and most importantly your target audience. Our 5 step process ensures that the right brand elements are selected for every consumer touch point, helping you to establish credibility and audience trust.

Identify elements needed.

Step two is quite important, we will identify many of the brand elements that you will potentially require for your brand journey.

Your brand elements may include items such as:

  • Name;
  • Logo;
  • Colours;
  • Image;
  • Tone;
  • Slogan;
  • Character / Spokesperson.

Build the Brand Strategy.

Next we build your brand strategy. We identify how the elements will work together working towards developing the type of tone and imagery that will make you pop!

At this stage you will see:

  • A response brief – just to make sure so that we are all on the same page!
  • Determination of brand attributes, pillars, positioning, mantra and building blocks and more.

Design concepts to client.

Then its onto our favourite part… Design. We will develop and present you with concepts that are appealing and functional, ensuring your message is audience savvy.

If your design is cross-platform with relevance to Graphic Design, we will show you how they will translate across various mediums be that from print to digital. Once we have an approved concept and designs, we’ll look to moving to Step Four.

Deliver to client or launch.

Delivery is exciting, it’s not to be thought of as the end of our journey together either! We look to develop everlasting, long-term relationships with you as our client, and helping your business and it’s brand grow to it’s full potential.

Delivery of your project will largely depend on its scope, however, it is important for you to know that we provide two options for delivery into your marketplace. And one of those options involves turn-key solutions where we will launch your brand or product on your behalf.

Brand Development
Advertising & Marketing
Logo Design
Graphic Design

Some Fun Facts

percent of people are likely to trust a brand recommended by friends & family.- Carat 2018
percent of consumers learn about products from brand websites or social media.- CGT
percent of profit increase can come from a 5% increase in customer retention.- Bain & Company
percent of global prefer to buy new products from brands they are familiar with.- Nielson

Our Team

Trish Pollock

Trish Pollock


Trish is the Director of Brand Ark, a boutique agency focused on helping companies achieve superior business outcomes through branding and design. An avid equestrian, on weekend's, if she's not out riding horses, chances are you will find her with a good whiskey and quality chocolate.

Liz Drummond

Liz Drummond

Accounts Finance

Liz manages the Accounts and Finance side of things at Brand Ark, ensuring that our wheels keep turning while supporting our director in administration. An avid gardener, on weekend's Liz can be found enjoying nature, ensuring that Trish isn't killing the office plants and spending time outdoors.


"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


Our Words

20/20 by the end of 2020

BrandArk is on a mission!

Our mission over the next two years is to help 20 startups and 20 small businesses build successful brands. It will be a challenge as success is mainly in the eye of the beholder, but the point is, whatever that success may be, we want to help!

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Brand Name

What’s in a Brand Name?

Just how a name identifies a person, a brand name gives distinctiveness to a business’ product or service. A very important factor in your business since it captures the attention and interest of your clients.

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Brand Positioning

Positioning? It sounds suss!

Brand positioning. It is the big red throbbing heart of any marketing strategy. It refers to locating the right position against your competitors in the prospective buyer’s mind.

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